How to Magnetically Attract
All the High Paying Clients
You Could Ever Want

How to Magnetically Attract
All the High Paying Clients
You Could Ever Want

If you want more money, without the stress and overwhelm you're experiencing now then keep reading. This is going to be the most important letter you read this year.

If you want more money, without the stress and overwhelm you're experiencing now then keep reading. This is going to be the most important letter you read this year.

Tell me if this makes sense to you:

In order for someone to buy from you, they must first know you.

That’s kind of a no-brainer right? 

Well then, the more people who know you, the more money you will make. 

It's not rocket science. Honestly, everyone understands this; and yet very few entrepreneurs have a system for creating a personal brand that attracts your ideal prospect to you while repelling everyone else. 

I am living breathing proof that if you have a Strong Personal Brand you can literally write your own ticket.

Hi, my name is Jason Stapleton. In the last 10 years, I went from being totally unknown--with no list and no following--to building a multi-million dollar coaching business.

Over that same time, I’ve had the #1 podcast on all of iTunes, hosted a hit TV show for History Channel, produced an Award-Winning Documentary film, and shared the speakers' stage with guys like Kevin O’Leary, Penn Jillette, and Kevin Harrington.   

I’ve made millions of dollars, traveled the world, and lived a life most people would envy. 

In 2018 I decided, for the first time, to teach entrepreneurs just like you how I did it and how you can too.

Until now, there’s never been a blueprint for building an Iconic Personal Brand online. Sure, others have tried. But their systems fail because they focus entirely on the mechanics of branding. 

  • How to Identify Your Industry
  • How to Develop a Niche
  • ​Audience Targeting
  • ​Developing Your Value

Don’t get me wrong those things are important… 

…but you can do all of those things, drive massive amounts of paid & organic traffic to your content, and still not make any money.

Chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve already identified your market, created a product, and built a funnel. But you still struggle to make sales.

The System I’m Going to Teach You is Dramatically Different than Anything You’ve Ever Seen

and more importantly… 

It Works!!

How can you be so sure? Because you’re here!

The very fact that you found this page and have taken the time to read this letter is PROOF my method for attracting & converting clients works. 

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You’re struggling to get clients
  • Your content gets ignored
  • Your sales funnels won’t convert
  • ​You bounce from one strategy to another without success
  • ​You’re tired of being obscure & irrelevant
  • ​You're ready to become the leading Authority in your industry

If you said yes to even one of those descriptions then congratulations. You’re in the same boat as 99% of entrepreneurs online today.

Here’s the Good News

Today is the day your life can change forever

My mission, my reason for getting out of bed each morning, my very purpose in life is to show you how to become the most well-known, respected, and highest-paid person in your industry.

And I’m really good at what I do.

Now before I get into specifics, let’s talk about who this message is for.

If you already have or would like to​...

  • Be the highest-paid person in your industry
  • Become a best-selling author
  • Make money while you travel the world
  • ​Start a successful podcast or blog
  • ​Book high-paying speaking gigs
  • ​Launch a digital course or product
  • ​Have clients come to you “pre-sold”
  • ​Create High Level Masterminds
  • ​Double your revenue while working less
  • ​Scale your business to 7 figures and beyond
  • ​Impact the world with your message

This system will help you build a personal brand that will allow you to do all of that and more. 

$46,978 Is the Scariest Number I Know

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average small business in America grosses a measly $46,978 PER YEAR. That’s before taxes or expenses!

Here’s another sobering statistic:

Only 9% of all businesses in America (there are 27 million of them by the way) gross more than a million dollars a year. 

What can we learn from this? 90% of business owners are doing it WRONG. They’re focused on the wrong things, putting their time & money into the wrong areas and listening to the wrong people give them advice.

If you want to sell more with less effort, and live a more abundant & rewarding life, you must start by developing a personal brand that makes you a magnet to your ideal prospects.

Having a Strong Personal Brand 
Makes Everything Easier

1. People inherently trust those who have a public presence

One of the biggest obstacles to selling today is skepticism, especially if you sell online. But what if you could earn someone's trust & confidence without ever meeting them?

Better yet, what if you could build such a strong bond with your prospects that they came to you, money in hand, begging to work with you?

Being a recognized authority gives you instant credibility and attracts the best clients to you, rather than you chasing them.

2. People want to work with individuals they trust

Imagine what your business would look like if every one of your clients felt like they had a personal relationship with you.

Even if you have thousands of clients, each one would feel like they knew you and trusted you like a friend. Do you think it would have a positive impact on your bottom line? Of course it would.

By becoming a recognized authority in your niche, you bring down your prospects' natural defenses. Because in the eyes of the world, you’re already a “trusted,” “pre-approved,” and “respected” member of the community.

3. The best clients are looking to hire leaders in their respective industry

The biggest objections coaches & consultants have to deal with center on price.

That’s because the best clients--the ones whose primary concern isn’t money--are only attracted to other industry leaders. They want to work with the best, no matter what it costs. 

If you’re not seen by your prospects as THE Authority in your niche, your best customers will go somewhere else, leaving you to fight over the leftovers, competing on price, and justifying the cost of your service & training. 

4. Other experts & authority figures with strong personal brands want to collaborate with those who have an audience of their own

Chances are, in your industry, there’s an inner circle of highly successful, well-recognized “experts.” Regardless of how you fee. about them, the bulk of the business goes to them.

These leaders cross-promote each other and spend time together sharing what’s working and what isn’t. They use each other's celebrity to increase their own.

Imagine what it would be like to have those men & women on speed dial. To run in the same circles as the biggest players in your industry. Take just a minute and really envision what that would do for your business.

It’s possible. But you’ll never be invited to work with the big influencers in your space until you become a person of influence yourself.

5. Finally, people just gravitate toward those who share similar ideals, beliefs, and aspirations

Wouldn’t it be great if every new client you got was already closely aligned with your worldview? No more convincing them to think like you, or to do what you know is in their best interest. They just listen & respond.

By using the tools & techniques I teach, you can turn the tables on the selling process and have people coming to you who are predisposed to work well with you.

This process of “Self-Selection” means you’ll only have clients who are closely aligned with your ideals & beliefs, making what you do infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

If You’re Tired of Living in Obscurity 
and Want to Become the Go-To Expert 
in your Field Then Now is the Time to Act

As I said, I’ve spent the last 10 years building my personal brand. It’s allowed me to make millions and turn my work into a labor of love.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m going to share my proven blueprint to turn you into the most well-known & highest-paid person in your industry.

I’m not talking about a training course or some kind of subscription. This is a personal mentorship program designed to help you...

  • Develop your Personal Brand
  • Understand the Psychology of Persuasion
  • Quickly establish yourself as an Authority in your Industry
  • ​Master communication both on camera and in your writing
  • ​Learn how to create Killer Content that makes you a magnet to your ideal prospect
  • ​Create Ascension Ladders for your best clients
  • ​Increase your prices while getting more business than you ever have before

And that’s just the start.

The Ultimate Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurs who want to Develop, Monetize, and Scale their Personal Brand

It starts with a 6 week intensive training course that will turn you into a master influencer with an Iconic reputation.

Here’s Just a Small Taste of 
What You’re Going to Learn

  • Get the Money Now: the fast track to generating revenue quickly
  • How to avoid the trap of the “Traditional Influencer” 
  • The fundamentals of Personal Branding
  • The Hero Story Method that turns you into a Living Legend
  • ​How to make all your offers Irresistible
  • Creating Addictive Content that Makes You a Magnet to your prospects
  • ​The Iconoclastic Positioning Method
  • ​6 Ways to Gain Celebrity Status
  • ​The Seductive Selling System - The Subtle Art of Selling Without Selling
  • ​How to shortcut the buying process using Time Compression
  • ​The Relationship Triangle and how to position yourself as The Savior

What makes this program different is the depth of the knowledge you receive. Most programs focus on the mechanics of Personal Branding, like how to establish a niche and create content.

But I’m going to take you several levels deeper, into the core of why we make decisions.

I’m not just going to teach you how to create content videos. I’m going to teach you WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHY it works. 

We’re going to drill down into the psychology of Influence & Persuasion to ensure you’re creating content that is guaranteed to make you a living Icon.  

12 Months of Personal Mentorship

This is where true change happens. We’ve all taken courses. I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching programs over the years.

Every course I’ve ever taken has improved my knowledge and my bottom line.

But hands down, the best programs I’ve ever been part of used a combination of course training and one-on-one mentorship. 

You see, learning the material is easy. Adapting & implementing it in your business is an entirely different animal. 

As you begin to use the frameworks & techniques I'll teach you to develop & grow your brand, you are bound to have questions and run into problems. 

That’s why I’ve included a full year of bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Every other week you can pick my brain, ask questions, and get feedback on your business from me PERSONALLY. 

On these live calls I’ll personally coach you and help:

  • Review your sales funnels and offers
  • Tweak your headlines and sales copy
  • Improve your messaging and personal branding

I typically charge $1,000 an hour for this type of consulting work but I’m including it as part of this program to make sure you not only learn the skills but also know how to apply them in your business.

And if for some reason you’re just not ready for a 1-on-1 session, don’t worry! You can always sit in on the coaching sessions I do with other members. Most of my clients tell me that just sitting & hearing what other entrepreneurs are doing is worth more than what they pay to be part of my program. 

My Influencer Monthly Newsletter

This short 4-6 page newsletter is not only easy to consume, it also has actionable steps you can take to implement what you learn. 

I’ll reveal things like:

  • How to instantly become the focal point of your prospects' attention
  • The ridiculously simple way to turn your clients into rabid fans who will bring their friends and family to work with you.
  • Turn the tables on prospecting once and for all: I’ll show you how I get thousands of qualified leads each year without shady sales tricks or big advertising budgets.
  • ​The three things every coach & consultant should know before developing a personal brand.
  • ​How to charge more (a lot more) than your competitors. HINT: This works even if most of the world has no clue who you are.
  • The step-by-step formula to share who you are with your audience that makes you an irresistible focal point of fascination to your prospects & customers.

This powerful newsletter is going to become the backbone of your business for the next 12 months. 

Every time you receive one of my newsletters, it will be like getting your hands on a weapon. 

You’re going to get so much inside info on how to grow your brand & make more money it's going to make you dizzy. 

My Behind the Curtain Insiders Breakdown

I could just tell you what to do. But I take it one step further by actually showing you how I do it in my own business. 

Each month, I’ll break down everything I’m doing to grow my own following and increase my sales. 

In this breakdown you’ll get:

  • All the funnels and offers I write
  • A behind the scenes look at my marketing & sales process
  • All the blueprints & process maps I create so you can use them in your business
  • ​An insider's look at my brand-building videos so you can learn all the secrets nobody else sees
  • ​And finally, you’re getting access to all the Video & Newsletter Archives

Most programs don’t allow new members to go back and see previous coaching sessions or newsletters. 

This makes no sense to me. You should have access to every single thing I’ve ever taught to my clients and that’s exactly what you get in this program. 

Every newsletter, every “Behind-the-Scenes” Training, every video breakdown, every sales letter, funnel map, and inside secret I’ve ever taught is available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here’s Are Just a Few Nice Things
People Like You Have Said

You’re Getting Lifetime Access to My 
Iconic Personal Brand Mastery Course

I’m giving you lifetime access to my Iconic course, a year of personal mentorship, my Influencer Monthly newsletter, and my Behind-the-Curtain Breakdown. 

Just click the button below now to take advantage of this special offer.

But that’s not all!

6 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $2,537

Bonus 1: The Online Business Kickstarter Course ($997)

Don’t have a business yet? No Problem! This program will teach you everything you need to know. 

Whether you sell digital or physical products, this course will teach you the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to set up an online presence and start making sales. 

Bonus 2: Podcast Domination ($794)

Podcasting has become one of the best ways to build a tribe and increase your authority. It’s a cheap & easy way to reach tens of thousands of people who are interested in what you do. 

In this groundbreaking training, I’m going to teach you a step-by-step process for building & monetizing your podcast so it not only raises your trust & authority but also becomes a revenue stream for your business.

Bonus 3: Subscription Business Blueprint ($497)

One of the biggest struggles for a business is generating consistent, predictable cashflow. That’s why everyone from Amazon to Stubhub offers subscriptions as part of their overall business strategy. 

In this series I’ll show you how I built a six-figure-a-year subscription business in just over a month. I’m going to walk you through every phase of the process so you know exactly how to launch a subscription product of your own.

Bonus 4: Video Secrets ($197)

This 3 video training series covers everything you need to create KILLER content videos that drive engagement & convert sales.

Bonus 5: Achieving Omnipresence ($97)

Want to be everywhere at once? Trying to create all the content you need just to stay relevant in today's online marketing environment can be overwhelming.

In this series, I’ll show you how you can cut the time you spend creating content by up to 90% so you can be everywhere your prospect looks.

Bonus 6: Explosive Productivity

We all need to get more done.

In this 3 part video series, I’ll walk you through a typical work day for me. I'll show you the tools I use and the processes I have in place that help me accomplish more, in less time, with less stress.

You’re Getting $14,412 of the Best 
Tools and Coaching Available Anywhere

Get Started today by clicking on the button below

I have never made this offer before, so you need to make a decision.

I only want to work with people who see that value and KNOW they want to act now. 

And let’s face it: when you break it down, we’re only talking about $16.40 a day. 

You can’t hire an assistant, fill up your car, or even order a value meal for less than that. 

If you’re not willing to invest $16.40 a day to improve your knowledge & skill as an entrepreneur, then I don’t want to work with you anyway. :)

Here’s the Best Guarantee You’ll Ever See

Spend the year with me. Let’s work together for the next 12 months to radically change your brand and your business.

And, if at the end of that year, you don’t feel like it was worth every dollar you invested, I’ll refund every penny.

This is a zero risk deal to you. I know the power of what I do. I know if you manage to implement just 10% of what you’re going to learn, you can make 10X what you invest today. 

So sign up now.

I guarantee you’ll look back on this decision as the best investment you’ve ever made in your business. 

Get Started NOW!

Copyright 2019 The Stapleton Group Inc.

PAINFULLY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: My results aren't even on the same planet as "typical." Pulling this off was HARD and it STILL takes work. It's not like I get to just sit around all day and count money. And no matter how good the instructions are, the average person who gets/consumes/buys any "business building" materials rarely gets any results. Kind of like how the average person who buys the fitness gizmo on TV rarely looks like the person in the commercials. Anyway - you get the point. No income claims are made or implied. I can show you what's working for me but please don't take it as an insinuation that the average person will do the same. I have no clue what the average person (or anyone) will do. I think it's safe to assume the answer is "nothing."